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Tending the Threshold is a collapse-aware, abolitionist organization. We focus on transformative justice, grief and trauma stewardship, and community building. We’re dedicated to creating a culture of creativity, ritual, and belonging. We envision a world where our human systems support deeply democratic, equitable, and environmentally regenerative communities.

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    On Cleaving and Collapse by Rachael Rice Reflecting upon the deep collective work done at Magical/Radical, I’ve been thinking, as I do, all the time it seems, about cleaving – and about togetherness, and what it’s going to take – what it’s really going to take for us to individually and collectively midwife this time of collapse.   And I’ve been thinking about having an online business, and how > MORE

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    March 13, 2019

    Making Mistakes by Desiree Adaway To do the work required of social justice is to know that you’re not perfect, can’t be perfect, and that part of the process is learning how to fall and get back up –with grace and fortitude. At some point you or your organization is going to make a mistake. You’re going to say or do something that is offensive, that is microaggressive, harmful. > MORE

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    ANTI-RACIST STRATEGY FOR A WORLD IN CRISIS by Max Wilbert / Counterpunch In his book Capitalism and Slavery, Trinidadian historian Dr. Eric Williams writes that “Slavery was not born of racism: rather, racism was the consequence of slavery.” Williams, like many others, argues that racism was created by the powerful to justify subjugation that was already in progress. In other words, the desire to exploit came first, and racism was developed as > MORE

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    Mainstream Psychology Can Go Fuck Itself by Holly Truhlar I blame mainstream Western psychology for a lot of the neoliberal bullshit we’re all inundated with. As I’ve gone further into the field of psychology (I have a Masters in counseling psychology and work with therapy clients regularly), I’ve come to see it as mostly individualized, white-centered, male-led, capitalist propaganda. While this isn’t always true, generally speaking, it’s an > MORE

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    The Environmental Movement Has Failed by Holly Truhlar I’m sitting across from an environmental photographer. He’s been doing cause related photography for over 20 years. His photographs have been in National Geographic and the New York Times. He’s dedicated his professional life to social and environmental change. And, he says solemnly, “There’s no doubt now, the environmental movement has failed.” He talks about sharing beautiful and tragic photographs that > MORE

"We have to practice something new, ask different questions, access again our curiosity about each other as a species. ”

Adrienne Maree Brown