RAW Language

RAW Language: How Language Shapes Us–What Words do We Need Now?

Use of language in (R)evolutionary work: Moving towards a Village Systems

We’re living in unprecedented times when life is accelerating and our exposure to novelty is ever expanding. At the same time, our words–vocabulary, language, communication–are narrowing. What happens when we just don’t have the words for what’s unfolding? How do we name the trouble in a way that bridges understanding?

This four week exploration is for anyone who’s said, “There just aren’t words for…” We’ll explore etymology and forgotten words, as well as neologism and bridge-building terms. Together, we’ll ask questions like:

  • How do we have an effective society that’s multi-lingual, including different dialects of English, without consuming or appropriating oppressed languages?
  • How do we recognize and appreciate the varied dialects in our language, such as AAVE, without appropriating or consuming what’s not ours?
  • Considering our identities, how do our words either perpetuate or dismantle systems of oppression?
  • What assumptions and limitations are embedded in our language?
  • What words are we missing in our language and communication that are needed now in these specific, historical times?
  • Are there words that can help us galvanize and build the courage to create a culture of resistance? Are there words that can help us name and bear witness to the seemingly unbearable?
  • How do we speak our truth in a language that can be understood? Is there a way to listen that allows us to see new possibilities? What are the words that are needed Now? At such a time as this: When the systems that we have come to know are crashing before us, how do we fortify our connections and build the resiliency to step bravely into the action that is being called for? In our four week exploration of RAW Language, we ask these questions and invite you to offer solutions that can be the building blocks of the bridges that must be built.

    We’re asking the questions that will lead to better understanding.

    Who are you talking to?
    What are you trying to say?
    Are you getting your point across?

    90 minutes of content, 2 hours total with check-ins
    Support in between sessions via XXX