The Conference

This annual conference is an invitation to gather, play, and create with fellow change-makers, bridge-builders, and edge-dwellers. It’s a subversion of the status quo while stepping into the emerging new paradigm—a more beautiful world that’s inclusive, connective, fierce, honest, and raw. We can be engaged and embodied, creating a community of practice where we can explore liberation strategies together. We can deepen our capacities for compassion and gratitude, elicit our inherent beauty, honor our grief, and engage in transformative justice.


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This is an experience of radical togetherness, disruptive social change, and emergent creativity. There will be art, beauty, play, grief, gratitude, conflict, intimacy, and community. In other words, this is not the patriarchy’s conventional conference.

We’ll practice Radical Attunement Work by acknowledging the unpredictable and unprecedented times we’re in, building awareness of the systems in place that keep us oppressed, activating towards responsive social change, and creating a community of care where we can continue to practice our liberation strategies. As a large group, we’ll engage in Deep Democracy work around a topic that’s arising from the participants and emergent space we create. We’ll learn trauma informed embodiment practices, creative conflict resolution, and community-building exercises.

The entire “conference” will be fully immersive and engaging with every facilitator and participant playing an integral role in the unfolding. Each facilitator was chosen for their ability to work with difficult and fluid material. We’ve put together a team that’s capable of creating magic and holding the most tender parts of our collective psyche.


We’re saving your seat in the circle.